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Who We Are

The London Oral Restorative academy is a dental courses provider in the UK and Overseas throughout various delegates in several countries all around the world.

LORA is registered and is based in london

Our Aims

The London Oral Restorative Academy aims to enhance the clinical skills of dental professionals through well organised and evidence based courses.
the objectives of London oral Reconstructive are as follows:
1) To provide Dental Professionals with the knowledge of Restorative & Implant dentistry in the Europe and Worldwide.
2) To run short and long courses in Restorative and Implant dentistry, accredited by UK universities.
3) To plan ahead and assist dentists with accreditation processes

Why Us

Experience a unique concept in advanced continuing dental education. LORA is different: you learn one to one with world renowned faculty. Get inspired by this personal way of teaching. LORA is the only academy which limits its class size to 16 participants. Success comes from DOING. Upgrade your skills through intense hands-on courses in our cutting edge facility. You will return to your office with confidence that forever changes the way you practiceons.



LORA recognized the fast paced advancements in the dental field and we aim to provide dental professionals the adequate knowledge through our courses to keep up with everyday breakthroughs, specially in the Restorative and Implant fields of dentistry through the following :

Continuing dental education
Congress Organization
Research conduction

The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.

H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

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